You will be called

Based on the novel "Es wird Dich rufen" by Simon Cross

A young journalist comes into the possession of mysterious documents that lead him to southern France. There he encounters the century-old tale of a still existing village in the French Pyrenees and its former parish priest who supposedly found an immense treasure. There are even rumours about the legendary Holy Grail itself.

Fascinated by this story, the journalist believes he has stumbled on "The Story of a Lifetime". With the help of a 90-year old villager, he tries to get to the bottom of this strange tale. Almost immediately he finds himself involved in the dangerous clash between two secret societies seeking to gain from this ancient mystery. In the wrong hands, its inherent power could destroy the world as we know it. It becomes clearer and clearer to the journalist that more than just a good story is taking place. And that, furthermore, he has been playing an important role in the story itself from the very beginning, making the investigation of the mystery a search for his own real identity as well...